Wanna Help Me With Some Book Research?


It’s inevitable in a writer’s career. At one point in time or another, we will have to learn about some subject that we are not familiar with, whether it be neuro-surgery or training a duck to quack “I love you”. I’ve given my two cents on research for writing before, but now, here I come to you, defeated and dejected (or at least mildly discomforted). You see, I have been searching for an ideal source on which to base my research, but have come up with virtually nothing.

In a book-in-progress of mine, I have a main character that is blind. He’s 15-16 years old, and the whole book primarily revolves around his visual impairment. The story is not told from his point of view (rather the POV of his closest friend), but nevertheless, I have no experience with blindness and wish to correctly and respectfully portray the amazing abilities of people who are blind to live normal lives.

This is where you guys come in. Do you have any experience with friends, relatives, teachers, etc. who are blind? Or do you know any good non-fiction books that tell about blindness? Please share them with me, and you could be part of my book someday getting published (after all, it can never be ready for publishing without this research).

Okay, here’s your challenge. Tell me anything you know from personal experience with people who are blind, and/or any non-fiction books that will help me learn how people who are blind live every day. Thanks for your help!


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