NaNoWriMonday: A Sneak Peek At What I’ve Been Working On

This time I’m fully aware that it’s Tuesday and not Monday, but I spent most of my day yesterday working on a project for school. I don’t want to leave you without NaNoWriMonday, so you still get it, just a day late!

My word count: 4,000

I have a special treat for our second-to-last NaNoWriMonday! This week, I’ll share an excerpt from what I’ve written so far for NaNo. These are my words, so please, do yourself a favor and don’t steal (unless you’re Swiper the Fox; but even then, don’t do it).

Here is your first, exclusive look at a scene from “Prisoner”:

Jonathan herded him towards an office-like room, away from row upon row of cells. Mason, the head Caretaker, sat at a mahogany desk, seemingly waiting for them. Finn swallowed nervously. Mason was a large man in his forites – tall and strong and quite possibly able to kill someone if he glared at them for too long. Jonathan wasn’t that big of a deal. Even the other Caretakers could be handled. But Mason. He was in charge, and he was the living definition of cruel.

“I heard you got into some trouble, number 814.” That was another thing about Mason. He numbered the prisoners and called them by such. Finn had never heard him call anyone but the other Caretakers by their name.

“I – I’m not certain how that information reached you already-” Jonathan twisted his arm back a little, “sir.” He added.

“You’ve been here long enough, 814. You know I have eyes and ears all over this place.”

Finn wasn’t sure how to answer. Sure, he knew that, but he never paid much attention to the meaning of it. So what if Mason had people that told him everything that went on inside the prison. Finn had never been afraid to speak his mind before, and he wouldn’t start now.

Mason raised an eyebrow. “But tell me, what did you do that you had to be so unceremoniously dragged off courtyard grounds?”

“I gave Joel what he deserved, sir.”

Mason laughed – a deep, abrasive sound – and stood, placing the palms of his hands on his desk and leaning over. “What he deserved? Do you know what you deserve, 814?”

“No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me.”

The older man scowled and slapped him. “Talk back again, and you’ll get worse.”

Finn’s cheek stung, but it wasn’t like he hadn’t expected the blow. That was the weird thing about him. He knew the consequences as soon as the words formed on his tongue, but he was never able to stop himself. He just rode whatever it was out and waited for the repercussions, determined not to react.

Mason leaned closer. “You, and all of your little friends – you’re the lowest of the low. You deserve to be executed for all that you’ll do. And yet we graciously keep you here, with food to eat and a roof over your heads.”

For all that you’ll do. Finn found it curious that Mason had spoken in future tense, and he had a feeling that it hadn’t been a slip-up. But why, was the question…

“Are you listening?”

Finn refocused. “Yes.”

“Good. You cause more trouble than you’re worth, and I have half a mind to get rid of you and put an end to our headaches.”

If you had a full mind, you would’ve done that a long time ago. Finn just narrowly refrained from blurting out the words, but he still inwardly smiled at his own cleverness.

There you go! I hope you enjoyed the scene, and hopefully it inspired you to write something of your own.

How did you like the scene? Did it catch your interest? Do tell!


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