My Blog’s Getting a FACELIFT?!

Hello there, all my beautiful blog followers!

I know, I know, I’ve been absent.

For like, a year.

Life has been happening (I have a niece now, guys!!!) and I’ve gotten distracted by – well, everything. What I’m saying is, I haven’t been fair to this blog and to its readers. And I regret that. I realize now that from the outset, my blog’s purpose has been way too narrow. Don’t get me wrong, writing is my life, but I have other passions that I’ve been searching for outlets for, all the while forgetting that this blog is a great outlet for all of the topics that I’m interested in. By making it solely a writing blog, I had limited my ideas for posts and my ability to create weekly content.

But no more.

I’ve decided to broaden Bookends to include not only my writing thoughts, but also just life stuff (did I mention my adorable niece already?) and the others things I am passionate about, like pop culture and hearing loss awareness.

What helped me come to this conclusion was my wonderful-beyond-words friend Maggie from Maggie’s Musings. She has a great blog that discusses everything from the plights of being a girl geek to the ABC’s of writing. I’ve been impressed with how she’s continued to run weekly posts (while being in college, no less), and she’s encouraged me to revive my blog and keep going.

So, here goes. Bookends will stay Bookends, but with more topics and (hopefully!) more consistency. Within the next week or so, I’ll edit outdated content on the site, like my “About Me” page, and I’ll get a new posting schedule up and running. Any blog post that I have previously published will still be available, so feel free to go back and read and share them to your heart’s content.

Buckle up, guys. You’re getting an invitation to join me on this wild ride I call my life.

Let’s go!

Your turn! Check out Maggie’s blog and give her a follow, then come back here and tell me your thoughts on my new direction for the blog! 





One thought on “My Blog’s Getting a FACELIFT?!

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