What I Blog About

This blog is my way of sharing what I’ve learned about writing and connecting with other authors, old and young. I’ll also talk about books, because as we all know, reading and writing go hand in hand, and plus, books are awesome. 😉 Some of my blog posts may be a part of a series of posts with a certain theme. Kind of like a segment on a show, except this isn’t radio.

What Writers Can Learn From…. — This is when I take popular media in the form of TV shows, movies, and books, and analyze what writers can learn from each of their unique storytelling techniques.

What Writers Need To Know About…. — I’m not an expert in most subjects, but there are some things that I can speak about from personal experience, and I do just that in my “What Writers Need To Know” segment. Whether it’s talking about archery, hearing loss, or being left-handed, I give you the front-row, backstage experience that only someone familiar with said topic can offer.

An Open Letter To…. — Open letters may be addressed to a particular book, an author…..or to you! It’s a way for me to express my feelings and share my thoughts in a more in-depth manner.

So, look around, read some posts, make some comments, and enjoy yourself. 🙂

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